I Need to Make Some Money

Of course this is a common theme and I am not exactly the first person to decide that I need to have more money than what I have. I have been doing a lot of research on the web, trying to find a solid plan and not so hair brained get rich quick scheme. Today I found something called a 7 figure cycle review, which basically means that you find something that you can sell, buy it and then sell it on the Amazon market place. That is a simple idea and it makes a whole lot of sense for a person like me for a variety of reasons. You can do it in your spare time and you are not really required to do the actual work of packing boxes and shipping them to the buyer. You send the stuff you buy to what is called a fulfillment center, which is a place which does all of that stuff for people like me.

At any rate I am working really hard and thinking about how to do something that will get me to where I really want to go. It is not so easy to think about what I should sell, although it is obvious that there are lots of things which are really good, but they have obviously gotten attended to by other people. Amazon is going to sell almost everything in the world and you know that they have the means to be absolutely ruthless in their pricing. It is obvious that you can not compete with them in a lot of really big things. Books and videos are really the big thing, especially if they get to sell you ones and zeros. The truth is that you will have to find something which is under served by other sellers.

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